September 16, 2018

The national debate surrounding the important issue of immigration policy is reaching a fever pitch. UnAmerica takes an unflinching look at the nature of dialogue or lack thereof surrounding much needed immigration reform. As the 2018 midterm elections take shape artists lend their creative voices to bring out perspectives, questions, and ideas to the Puffin Gallery.

September 16- November 4, 2018

Artists include: Andrea Arroyo, BOLDFACE, Janet Braun-Reinitz, Patricia Cazola & Nancy Saleme, Michael D’Antuono, Melissa Eder, Elisabeth Frischauf, Felipe Galindo, Isabelle Garbani, Kirk Maynard, Steffany Ojeda, Anna Pasztor, Lisa Seidenberg, and Ellen Singer. Below is a selection of works from this show.

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