Tickets & Reservations

UPDATED ON 10/17/2023

Patrons may reserve seats via Eventbrite or call 201-836-3499.

To see our Eventbrite profile with all of our upcoming events, please visit the following link:

  • You may reserve tickets by clicking on your desired event, using the right hand widget to edit the number of reservations, and then clicking the “Reserve a spot” button. Then, follow the instructions to check out.

If you call, please include your last name, name of the event, # of seats, phone #, and email address for confirmation.

When registering for the Puffin Camera Club please indicate the day you’d like to attend.

Reservation Information

  • You must claim your seats before 15 minutes to showtime or forfeit your reservations
  • Doors open 30 minutes prior to showtime
  • Seats are not assigned, but are made available first to those with reservations
  • Reservations must be made by 5pm the Friday before the event, after this time reservations are not guaranteed.
  • We use a “Will Call” system where you provide your name and pay at the door in cash or check.

If you do not have reservations you will be asked to sign in and queue in the lobby in the order in which you arrived until 15 minutes to show time.

Closed Reservations

Our venue seats about 100 people, so it is always best to place reservations as early as possible if you are concerned about being close to the stage. Even if an event is closed for reservations, there is still a good possibility of getting seats if you arrive 30-45 minutes before show time. In such cases, we will have a sign-up wait list for entry according to list order based on availability after we release unclaimed reservations 15 minutes before show time. If the doors are closed when you arrive early, please form a single line at the theater entrance.

In-Person Covid Policy

• Events are open to a limited audience up to 70 persons
• Properly fitting KN95 or N95 masks are required indoors

Feel free to contact us at , if you have any questions. See you at 20 Puffin Way!

General Policy

The Puffin Cultural Forum strives to bring you high-quality events at NYC levels without charging NYC prices. We do this by subsidizing ticket prices, but we still pay performers well and we cherish our reputation as one of the best venues to perform. We only request $10 as a “suggested donation” because we feel culture should be available to everyone. In almost all cases, the door receipts are given to the performers, so please give as generously as possible so that we can keep the level of programming high and support professional performers trying to maintain their careers. Please also be respectful of the house by eating or drinking only in the reception area, not in the performance area. We operate on a very small staff and budget, so any assistance is appreciated.

Gallery Hours

The gallery is open Tuesday through Thursday, from 11:00am – 4pm.

To visit outside of regular hours, please email us at or call 201-836-3499.

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