Birds, Buds, & Beyond

May 12, 2018

A selection of photographs features the best of the best works of the dedicated members of Puffin Camera Club and instructor/photographer Rachel Banai. They have captured the beauty of the nature landscape hidden in plain sight all around us. Exhibition features best works of nature hidden in plain site.

May 12- June 20, 2018

Features: Hanna Atlas, Michael Accordino, Rachel Banai, Philip Beamer, Hildi Borkowski, Sherry Breir, Jane Dineen, Philip Daly, Mark Fisher, Richard Gallagher, Kearsten Garner, Gabrielle Gorman, Maria Green, William Greenlee, Sandra Gorman, Rina Goldman, Rochelle Kaplan, Miguel I, Kubes, Evie Indek, Rachelle LaCava, Gary Ostroff, Gisela Schroeder, and Zandra Strother. Below is a selection of works from this show.

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