Birds, Buds, & Beyond

May 12, 2018

A selection of photographs features the best of the best works of the dedicated members of Puffin Camera Club and instructor/photographer Rachel Banai. They have captured the beauty of the nature landscape hidden in plain sight all around us. Exhibition features best works of nature hidden in plain site.

Photorealism is a genre of painting based on using cameras and
photographs to gather visual information and then, from this, creating
a painting that appears to be photographic.

Photorealist gather their imagery and information with the
camera and photograph. Once the photograph is developed (usually
onto a photographic slide) the artist will systematically transfer
the image from the photographic digital file onto canvases.
Usually this is done either by projecting the image onto the
canvas. The resulting images are often direct copies of the original
photograph but are usually larger than the original photograph or
slide. This results in the photorealist style being tight and precise,
often with an emphasis on imagery that requires a high level of
technical prowess and virtuosity to simulate, such as reflections in
specular surfaces (Wikipedia).

Despite the fact that as a machine produces the transformation of
the image onto a canvas, thus radically simplifying the process,
the current display meets all three conditions delineated by Meisel
(1980), namely, the Photo-Realist uses the camera and photograph
to gather information; the Photo-Realist uses a mechanical
or semi-mechanical means to transfer the information to the
canvas; and the Photo-Realist must have the technical ability to
make the finished work appear photographic.

Hence, the current
display can be considered a contemporary form of Photorealism.
Digitalization is probably the most up to date form of photorealism,
pushing the genre to new possibilities by bringing the digital
process to an even higher level of refined representation of ‘the

May 12- June 20, 2018

Features: Hanna Atlas, Michael Accordino, Rachel Banai, Philip Beamer, Hildi Borkowski, Sherry Breir, Jane Dineen, Philip Daly, Mark Fisher, Richard Gallagher, Kearsten Garner, Gabrielle Gorman, Maria Green, William Greenlee, Sandra Gorman, Rina Goldman, Rochelle Kaplan, Miguel I, Kubes, Evie Indek, Rachelle LaCava, Gary Ostroff, Gisela Schroeder, and Zandra Strother. Below is a selection of works from this show.

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