Puffin Announces Coronavirus Community Response Grant Program

May 12, 2020

We’re proud to announce the Puffin Advisory Board’s, Coronavirus Community Response Grant Program. Starting in April, our Advisory Board members identified programs across the country doing meaningful work to meet the many urgent needs that have emerged during the pandemic. The initiatives we’ve been able to support are engaged in direct, local assistance, including: feeding frontline workers; enabling community members to support their more vulnerable neighbors; providing legal and other support services to incarcerated individuals and their families; providing meals and creating employment opportunities for furloughed service workers; and providing creative outlets for children.

Due to the immediacy of this crisis, we have expedited our grant making process. Puffin wishes to thank our Advisory Board members for their quick identification of these organizations, many of which are grassroots groups putting their Puffin grants directly into needed hands. We look forward to their continued work and to making additional awards in the coming months.

Image via Jessica Fields on GoFundMe.

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