Sharon Katz & The Peace Train in Concert

Event Date and Time: May 6, 2023 8:00 pm
Cost: $10
Location: 20 Puffin Way Teaneck, NJ
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Sharon Katz and the Peace Train have been busy touring around the world and creating music and promoting human rights through their new project Transcending Barriers. In October, 2021, Sharon Katz and the Peace Train brought 100 youths to Tijuana and visitors from San Diego and 15 other US cities for a full day of workshops and rehearsals for a grand performance at the Tecate State Center for the Arts (CEART) and at Fundacion La Puerta’s Dia De Muertos Festival in Professor Parque. In their latest album, “We Can Be the Change,” Sharon Katz and the Peace Train presents rhythms and voices from Cuba, South Africa, Mexico, and the USA that swirl, and meet to form new encounters and new relationships. We can be – and must be – change agents. “World music” for us has always been about reflecting, understanding, and stretching the boundaries of the melodies of life. Many of the songs of “We Can Be the Change” have been performed with children, bands, and orchestras as part of The Peace Train’s Transcending Barriers project. Come aboard!

Reservations Recommended
via phone 201-836-3499

• This event is open to a limited audience up to 70 persons
• Properly fitting KN95 or N95 masks are required
• Please review all our Covid and General policies here before attending


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