Sharon Katz and the Peace Train, Live from Mexico!

Event Date and Time: May 21, 2021 7:00 pm
Cost: $0
Location: Facebook Live
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Since the release of her film, When Voices Meet, Sharon Katz has taken her message of peace and activism across the US and beyond through her project Transcending Barriers. She’s done work in Tijuana, Mexico where she has partnered with Promotora de las Bellas Artes (PBA) to conduct yearly programs on both sides of the border with schools, community groups, homes for girls who have been rescued from trafficking rings and migrants. In 2019, Sharon performed in Cuba with 100 singers from USA, South Africa, and Mexico to perform at the International Festival of Choirs in Santiago de Cuba. Join us online as Sharon Katz shares with us her songs, as well as stories of her recent work.

Free on Facebook Live.


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