Daily Featured Artwork: Noel Caban’s “They never sold candy there”

Event Date and Time: May 14, 2020 2:00 pm
Cost: $
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Noel Caban
They never sold candy there
Coroplast sign, fly paper, panel, latex
59″ x 38″

“I am a Brooklyn born abstract artist whose work engages urban texture and form. I am interested in materials, and the effects that neglect and indifference have on urban surroundings. As a mixed media artist, I often employ the found and situated as I believe surfaces reveal their history through their cracks, fissures, and decay. My work resembles maps, topographies, fragments of larger wholes. I achieve form by folding, breaking, cutting, subtracting, or adding material, bringing order to texture. While I consider myself a painter, my approach and execution of work will vary depending on the questions and concerns embedded in the materials and processes I use. If forms found on a map are indicators of places and spaces on a topographical landscape, then the forms I create are signifiers of the tangible and intangible effects that failed social and economic policy have had on the urban landscape of this city. This work is a channel for my engagement in social and community-based causes.”

This piece is from our latest exhibition, Conversations 2020.

Vist Noel’s website and Instagram.

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