Daily Featured Artwork: Janet Culbertson’s “The First Billboard”

Event Date and Time: May 20, 2020 4:00 pm
Cost: $
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Janet Culbertson
The First Billboard
Oil on canvas
34″ x 48″

In 1978 Culbertson was driving through New Jersey. “I could see the Statue of Liberty framed by a landscape of industrial waste. It looked like a war zone yet there were billboards everywhere-the icons of American consumption, urging us to spend & consume.”

Janet Culbertson is an eco-political artist. “My work is fueled by the constant news barrage 24/7 of both natural and/or contrived disasters of the day. When possible, I take trips to experience first-hand the sustaining power of nature amidst the evidence of humanity’s destructive impact. I feel that art, whether beautiful or provocative, can be a force for creating a greater ecological awareness of our threatened world.”

This piece was from our previous exhibition, “Climate in Peril”.

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