Daily Featured Art: Pernille Ørum

Event Date and Time: June 17, 2020 2:00 pm
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Daily Featured Art: Pernille Ørum Today's art hasn't been shown at the Puffin yet but we wanted to share it with you nonetheless. #Repost @pernilleoerum @BlackLivesMatter – I stand with them <3 I haven’t spoken out about #BLM and everything that’s been going on online over the last week. The world cries about the being a person of color and police brutality in US and across our globe, I quickly made it known in my stories where I stand, but initially I wished to leave room for and listen to the most essential stories by leaders, victims and close ones. Now a week later I want to help spread the word with what I have to offer in support of the BLM community, and the fight that cannot lose momentum. Here in Kenya where I live there’s a lot of support towards the #BLM fight for equality in the US, but as important, the American people’s rise has rekindled protests against police brutality here, which has been a major problem for long and has become even more evident during the COV19 where there are reports of several police killings during lockdown. What is happening now is important and must not be silenced. I’ve included a link for you to seek more information and to donate, and I’ve gathered some of the drawings I’ve done throughout the years of people of color – some inspired by my time here in East Africa. #blacklivesmatter #letartspeak #puffindailyfeaturedart

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