Unnatural Election

September 24, 2017

Originally an online project entitled, “Unnatural Election: Artists Respond to the 2016 US Presidential Election,” artist and creator Andrea Arroyo curated a diverse selection of works by artists reacting to the political, social impact of the 2016 election. Selected works speak to emerging challenges and issues of social justice that continue to evolve.

Exhibit includes emerging and established artists from 38 countries including digital print media and original pieces that speak to the continuing impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on social justice, race/gender issues, human rights, economic justice, and international relations. Previous iterations of the exhibition include installations at NYU Kimmel Center, and the Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage Alaska.

September 24- November 10, 2017

Original artwork by Andrea Arroyo, Chelsea Best, Leenda Bonilla, Susan Bresler, Sue Coe, Denise Deleray, Elisabeth Frischauf, Felipe Galindo, Wilhelmina Grant, Sylvia Hernandez, Robert Sikoryak,
Ellen Singer, and Elizabeth Starcevic. Exhibit also includes digital artwork from over two hundred artists. Below is a selection of works from this show.

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