From Our Video Archive: Luca Ciarla performs solOrchestra

Event Date and Time: June 10, 2020 3:00 pm
Cost: $
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PCF Directors’ Note:
Violinist Luca Ciarla came to the Puffin all the way from Italy with his unique blend of Italian folk fiddle and his loop pedal, together with the backdrop of musical landscapes. The program is entitled solOrchestra! and Luca’s Puffin performance is a delightful listen.

September 28, 2018: Italian born violin wizard Luca Ciarla owns the stage with his fiddle and a few toy instruments. Step by step, with a loop pedal he performs live all the parts, playing the violin like a guitar, a cello or a percussion. In this imaginative landscape Luca sings, whistles, plays other little instruments and adds new virtuoso passages; music is continuously evolving into a dazzling solOrchestra! The program features unusual arrangements of traditional Italian folk tunes, music from the Mediterranean area and original compositions. “…a magical acoustic seduction where everybody can find familiar influences…from genuine folk to sophisticated jazz.” Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy)

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