From Our Video Archive: Kristin Andreassen & Lauren Balthrop

Event Date and Time: May 28, 2020 5:00 pm
Cost: $
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PCF Directors’ Note:
Kristin and Lauren came to the Puffin very deep into their tour. The duo filled our gallery with warm harmonies and lyrical guitars. Another recording from our internal recordings that we didn’t think of making publicly available but a great listen on a quarantine afternoon.

June 1, 2018: Kristin Andreassen combines award-winning songwriting percussive dance in performances that have been heralded “inventive” by the New Yorker and “haunting” by NPR’s Folk Alley. Since coming of age with two of America’s most beloved traditional music ensembles (Uncle Earl and the clogging company Footworks), Kristin has turned her deep knowledge of timeless roots music into a knack for creating original songs with that kind of staying power. Her solo albums ‘Gondolier’ and ‘Kiss Me Hello’ have been featured in TV and film, while the track “: Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes” earned the John Lennon Song Contest Grand Prize and has been covered by dozens of artists ranging from Tyne Daly to high school marching bands. Kristin’s new project features Shane Leonard on percussion and banjo and Jefferson Hammer (Session Americana, the Murphy Beds) on guitar. Expect top-notch harmonies and infectious rhythmic arrangements!

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