Daily Featured Artwork: Kingsley Nwaeke’s “Large Scream of Silence”

Event Date and Time: May 22, 2020 1:00 pm
Cost: $
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Kingsley Nwaeke
Large scream of silence
Bristle boards, cardboard, glue, gesso, acrylic
20″ x 18″

“I’m a multimedia artist from Long Island, New York. I recently started sculpting again, and participated in a group exhibit at the Grady Alexis gallery in Manhattan, New York. The proceeds from the art sold is used to support immigrants. It was a very exciting and the experience I had during he exhibit was thrilling.

Most times my inspiration comes from my surroundings, or things I do when I’m not working on a project or the next. Lately I find reading to be more helpful, as it helps me with titles of my work but the idea for the work is always from an image or video and sometimes a movie. In the past I has limited resources to seek inspiration for a project, now it’s a little bit easier for me because of the change in technology which is like a library for me to do my research.” From a 2017 Interview here.

This piece was from our 2019 exhibition, Measured Hate.

More about Kingsley here and Instagram.



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