Puffin Camera Club’s 17th Annual Exhibition: “In Corona Times”

June 22, 2020

It is a year like no other year. For sixteen consecutive years The Puffin Camera Club has managed to exhibit its artistic accomplishments in annual exhibitions that hung on the walls of the Puffin Cultural Forum. In light of the on-going pandemic, we present this year’s exhibition online.

There are two main motifs included in the exhibition. The first motif is the ‘Art of Nature’ and the second motif is ‘Artistic Expressions in the Midst of the Pandemic.’ The images of nature were all taken throughout the year and before the pandemic took over. Because club members are confined to their homes, I encouraged them to document feelings, attitudes and behaviors as expressed in the immediacy of their restricted environment. The images presented here project such concepts as ‘disrupted family,’ ‘new communication patterns,’ ‘loneliness,’ and others. 

Please take your time to inspect the images and read the accompanying statements that take a central role in fully understanding this unique exhibition. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Puffin Foundation and Ms. Gladys Rosenstein-Miller and Mr. Neal Rosenstein for providing the economic and social canvases for our show, and, specifically, Ms. Melissa Lynam, a world class designer, and Mr. Andrew Lee, the dedicated Director of the Puffin Cultural Forum, without whom the exhibition could not have materialized.

Please stay safe and healthy,

Rachel Banai

Click the photos below for a closer look and to read captions on select images.

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