Envisioning Election and Politics in 2016

September 17, 2016

Although election art is more commonly associated with iconography used for campaigns from the middle of the 20th century, there is an abundance of contemporary art being created by artists who are channeling their views, emotions and perspectives into their works. Curated by Puffin Cultural Forum director Andrew Lee, “Envisioning Election and Politics in 2016” is a collection of a diverse group of artists from different parts of the US whose works reflect the unique cacophony of controversies, news and events that surround the mind-bending 2016 presidential election.

September 17- October 31, 2016

Show featured artwork by Rula Jones Brock, Diane Bush, DonkeyHotey, Michael D’Antuono, Eric Garcia, Mark Harris, Andrew Nash, Krista Dedrick Lai, Joe McKendry, Kim O’Brien, Jake Parshall, Scott Ross, Safwat Saleem, Ema Sampey, Adam Sheetz, Ed Shems, Sarah Sole, Mark Dean Veca. Below is a selection of artwork from this show.

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