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Joan Gelber

Feb. 21 12:00 pm

At Puffin Cultural Forum

20 Puffin Way , Teaneck NJ


Posted by: Melissa   

How the State Government’s Professional Boards Protect the Public, and How You Can Help?

$10, includes lunch
Reservations Recommended- tix@puffinfoundation.org or 201-836-3499

Joan Gelber is a Senior Deputy Attorney General with the Division of Law, in the Office of the State Attorney General. Throughout her many years in that office, her work has been with the Professional Boards, which license and regulate the conduct of health care professionals, such as medical doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, dentists, psychologists, pharmacists and others. The work involves investigating consumer complaints and prosecuting those practitioners found to be abusing the public trust, seeking suspension or revocation of their licenses and remedies which may include restitution to defrauded patients. Ms Gelber has also had a major role in drafting rules for several Boards, to promote accountability for quality of care, honesty in credentials, and disclosure of financial interests, and other subjects. New Jersey is believed to be the first State to have required practitioners to provide patients access to their treatment records. She has been invited to give lectures on various related topics to many organizations. She has been commended for significant and exceptional service to the Division of Law.

Ms Gelber will describe the critical role played by ordinary citizens in alerting the Boards to conduct by professionals, which seems to be improper. Your call or letter to her office or to the Board, or your complaint filed on-line, may be the one which aids her office in uncovering a major fraud scheme, a ‘drug mill’, an impaired practitioner, asexual abuser, or one who exploits unsuspecting patients by charging exorbitant fees. Her stories of a variety of public record Board decisions may surprise you. Ms Gelber’s appearance at the Puffin Gallery is not as an official representative of the Attorney General, but rather as an informed citizen. She receives no honorarium, and will appear as an educator describing her office’s work on behalf of the public.


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