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Charlie Chaplin’s "The Immigrant "

Award-winning composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist John LaBarbera presents screening of Charlie Chaplin’s The Immigrant (1917) and a live performance of his newly ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 28 04:00 pm - Comedy,Film,Drama - Details

Lauren Hooker and Friends

Join former Teaneck resident, Lauren Hooker, vocalist, pianist, native flute player, and composer with Mike Richmond (bass and cello), Dave Remelis (violin and guitar), Jonathan Luks (tap ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 27 08:00 pm - Music,Jazz - Details

PEF: Voter's Suppression

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 25 12:00 pm - Workshops - Details

PEF: Eric Goldman, PhD.

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 16 12:00 pm - Workshops - Details

Puffin Camera Club: Session I

Session I: October 6- November 4 Internationally renowned photographer Rachel Banai leads an exploration of the art of nature photography in the Teaneck Creek Conservancy. All formats. $50 for 5 sessions either Saturday OR Sunday ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 06 09:00 am - Workshops - Details

Sharon Katz and the Peace Train

Musician/activist Sharon Katz and the Peace Train roll into the Puffin on their never-ending journey to promote peace, progress, and understanding. Following the screening of the award-winning film, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 05 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

PEF: Analysis of the Film Work of Paul Mazursky

Eric Goldman, PhD. Analysis of the Film Work of Paul Mazursky Paul Mazursky began his career acting in Stanley Kubrick‘s first movie, Fear and Desire (1953). But he is far better known as the writer/director of Bob & Carol ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 05 12:00 pm - Workshops - Details

Peace Pole Installation and Outdoor Open Mic

A brand new Peace Pole will be reinstated on the grounds of The Puffin Foundation in a ceremony celebrating community, harmony, and progress. Following the Installation Ceremony, there will be an Open Mic available on the Pete Seeger Outdoor Stage ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Sep. 30 04:00 pm - Exhibitions - Details

Exhibition Opening: UnAmerica

Immigration policy continues to become a hot button issue as we face the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. The national discourse is drowned out by controversy, xenophobic scapegoating, misinformation, inflammatory claims, and nativist fear-mongering ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Sep. 29 08:00 pm - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details

Luca Ciarla solOrchestra

Italian born violin wizard Luca Ciarla owns the stage with his fiddle and a few toy instruments. Step by step, with a loop pedal he performs live all the parts, playing the violin like a guitar, a cello or a ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Sep. 28 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

Kariné Poghosyan

International Pianist Kariné Poghosyan returns to Puffin with her most exciting program. Kariné recently finished her busy spring tour, which included a featured solo performance with the Greater Newburgh ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Sep. 23 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Vento Trio

The Vento Trio plays chamber music that grooves, from popular Brazilian songs, jazzy improvisational styles to the classics. The woodwind trio of Kevin Willois (flute), Sarah Bednarcik (clarinet), and Janet Grice ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Sep. 22 08:00 pm - Music,Jazz,Classical - Details

Givat Haviva’s Through Others’ Eyes

Inspirational photographic exhibition under the auspices of Givat Haviva, a non-profit educational institute in Israel, highlights photographs taken by Arab ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Aug. 05 04:00 pm - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details

Ilya Yakushev

Concert pianist Ilya Yakushev is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia. Ilya moved to NYC to attend Mannes College of Music where he studied under legendary ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jul. 29 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Koehler and Kelly

Fiddler Gretchen Koehler and jazz pianist Daniel Kelly blend the raw energy of dance fiddling with the lyricism and improvisation of jazz. Koehler is a champion fiddler ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jul. 14 08:00 pm - Music,Jazz,World,Folk - Details

The Vinnie Cutro Trio plays Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn

Unfortunately, poetry portion of the evening is cancelled and will be rescheduled.

Puffin Cultural Forum Jul. 13 07:00 pm - Spoken Word,Music,Jazz,Speakers,Poetry - Details

Ching-Yun Hu

Ching-Yun Hu presents music from her latest album “Rachmaninoff.” A special project with WRTI 90.1FM Philadelphia, the recording is the culmination of Ching-Yun's lifelong love and study of ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jul. 08 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Story of Rose McCoy featuring singer Audrey Martell

Teaneck resident Rose Marie McCoy was one of the most prolific songwriters of the 1950s and ‘60s. The Puffin Cultural Forum marks Jazz Appreciation Month by recognizing Rose Marie McCoy’s contribution to American music. She grew up in the ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jun. 24 04:00 pm - Theater,Music,Jazz - Details

PYPA Presents Sirapat Jittapirom

Philadelphia Young Pianists’ Academy (PYPA) presents the next artist in their concert series. Pianist Sirapat Jittapirom is based in Philadelphia, PA. She has made appearances both in the U.S. and ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jun. 15 07:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Englewinds, Wind Energy!

Award-winning eco-music ensemble Englewinds presents a brand new program to highlight the importance of wind energy in providing solutions to the problem of energy. The music is features an ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jun. 03 04:00 pm - Music,Classical,Speakers - Details

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