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Roberto Rodriguez’s Mulato Insurgency Quintet

Fusing ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 12 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

Scotland's Janet Fenton

Peace Activist ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 06 04:00 pm - Speakers,Author Interviews,Lecture - Details

Sharon Roffman and Benjamin Hochman
Classical Sundays at the Puffin

Now beginning its second year at the Puffin, the “Classical Sundays at the Puffin” series has regularly attracted overflow audiences. For ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 27 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

SisterMonk Trio

Gypsy funk, Arabesque trance, deep Latin grooves, and soulful vocal and instrumental performances define SisterMonk's songs of epic beauty, mystery, and epiphany.

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 19 08:00 pm - Music,World,Dance - Details

Warren Battiste Quintet

New Orleans native Warren Battiste learned to play guitar from his father, a banjo player at Preservation Hall. For years a ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 13 04:00 pm - Music,Jazz,Speakers,Author Interviews,Workshops - Details

After the Flood: The New Orleans Portrait Project

This show, first presented at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, is a collection of poignant black and white portraits of New Orleans teenagers and buildings created by ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 11 07:00 pm - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details

After the Flood: The New Orleans Portrait Project

Works by New Orleans native and accomplished photographer Lisa Silvestri, who photographed those who had lost family photographs ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 04 12:00 pm - Exhibitions - Details

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