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Puffin/Nation Authors' Series: Erin E. Murphy

Erin E. Murphy author of Inside the Cell: The Dark Side of Forensic DNA. We think of DNA forensics as an infallible science that catches the bad guys and exonerates the innocent. But when the science goes rogue, it can lead to a gross ...

Puffin Cultural Forum May. 21 08:00 pm - Author Interviews - Details

Teaneck Creek Spring Fest

Come join us as we participate in Teaneck Creek Conservancy’s annual Spring Fest. This year the event will focus on Water and Wellness, promoting healthy habits & healthy habitats. The event features environmental presentations, vendor tables, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum May. 15 11:00 am - Music,Exhibitions,Speakers,Workshops,Kids - Details

Metropolitan Klezmer (Sold Out)

This show is currently sold out. When an event is sold out, there is still a possibility of getting seats if you arrive 45 minutes before show time. In such ...

Puffin Cultural Forum May. 13 07:00 pm - Music,World - Details

Celebrating Puffin Camera Club

The Puffin Camera Club has honed their skills in nature photography for 13 years. The best photographs from each club member are presented in this annual celebratory exhibition. Led by internationally renowned photographer Rachel Banai, the Puffin ...

Puffin Cultural Forum May. 07 07:00 pm - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details

Staged Readings by Peter N. Carroll and Esther Cohen

Esther Cohen is co-author, with New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast, of “Don’t Mind Me, and other lies Jews tell” (Hyperion). She is also the author of a book of non-prayer prayers about aging, called “God is a Tree” (Pleasure Boat). She also ...

Puffin Cultural Forum May. 06 07:00 pm - Poetry - Details


Arriving in New York from the Netherlands in 1992 with just his bass and a suitcase, Joris took lessons with Ron Carter, quickly met many musicians, and started to work as a jazz musician. A year ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 30 08:00 pm - Music,Jazz - Details

Puffin Camera Club: Session V

Session V April 30- June 5, 9:00am, skips May 28-29 Internationally renowned photographer Rachel Banai leads an exploration of the art of nature photography in the Teaneck Creek Conservancy. All formats. $50 for 5 sessions for ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 30 11:00 am - Workshops - Details

Resistance is the Lesson

The Autumn 2015 special edition of Jewish Currents magazine detailed more than 50 acts of Jewish armed resistance during the Holocaust. Now translated into a traveling exhibit, the premier ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 17 04:00 am - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details

Answer the Muse Band

Performing a unique fusion of theatrically inspired transformational music, Answer The Muse presents original compositions and folk covers while inviting the audience in a participatory experience. ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 15 07:00 pm - Music,Folk - Details

Tuesdays with Professor Banai

A series of five lunchtime lectures and discussions led by Professor Moshe Banai. Using his personal experience of traveling, teaching and working in over 25 countries. Professor Banai illustrates current events in major countries including China, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 12 12:00 pm - Workshops - Details

The Movement, An Acapella Musical

Written by Kathy D. Harrison, The Movement is a musical retelling of the Children’s Crusade of 1963, a civil rights event in which thousands of young children and teenagers marched against segregation in Birmingham, Alabama. The musical was ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 09 08:00 pm - Theater - Details

Lena Bloch and Roberta Piket

Saxophonist and composer from Israel, Lena Bloch and Jewish-American pianist Roberta Piket come together in a whirlwind of culture, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 26 08:00 pm - Music,Jazz - Details

Jessica Osborne, Celebration of Women Composers

In celebration of Women’s History Month, pianist Jessica Osborne presents music by women composers from the 19th, 20th and 21st century. Program includes Four Sketches, Op. 19, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 20 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Ari Berman

The second event in our Puffin/Nation Author Series features Ari Berman, the author of “Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America.” He tells, for the first time, the ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 19 08:00 pm - Speakers,Author Interviews,Discussion Panel - Details

Steven Masi, Schubert for Violin and Piano

Steven Masi returns to continue his performance series of Schubert with works for violin and piano. Joining Steven on stage will be guest artist Basia Danilow of the Lark Quartet. Program ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 06 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Kristen Graves

Kristen Graves presents original songs and covers of famous folk songs in her first full concert debut at the Puffin. Kristen is a talented singer/songwriter and humanitarian from Fairfield, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 04 07:00 pm - Music,Folk - Details

Bergen String Quartet

Made up of members of the Bergen Symphony Orchestra, the Bergen String Quartet is Ye-jin Han (violin), Ji Sun Kang (violin),

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 28 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Mark Engler

Puffin presents a new series of talks and presentations by authors from the Nation Institute. Co-author of “This is an Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt is Shaping ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 27 08:00 pm - Speakers,Author Interviews,Lecture - Details

Conversations, Puffin Celebrates Black History Month

We take a hard look at the tumultuous dialogue on race, progress, and lack thereof through the visions of contemporary Black artists. Curated by artist and curator

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 19 07:00 pm - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details

NEW Lunch Lectures: Tuesdays with Professor Banai

February 9 - March 8 12:00 p.m. A series of five lunchtime lectures and discussions led by Professor Moshe Banai. Using his personal experience of traveling, teaching and working in over 25 countries, Professor Banai illustrates ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 09 12:00 pm - Workshops - Details

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