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St. Petersburg Concert CANCELLED

Dear Puffin Friends, we are sorry to announce that the St. Petersburg Men's Ensemble will not be able to perform on Friday, December 6. Their visas were denied for unexplained reasons and their entire US Tour has been cancelled. Thank you for your ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Dec. 06 08:00 pm - Music - Details

St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble

The St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble performs a repertoire encompassing various styles – from ancient Russian chants and chorals of Western European to modern music. Their program includes Russian folk songs, secular and ecclesiastic compositions, as ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Dec. 06 07:00 pm - Music,World - Details

The Hanukkah Experience through Television and Film

Learn about the evolution and history of the Hanukkah experience through television and film from film scholar Dr. Eric Goldman. Dr. Goldman has been scholar-in-residence at synagogues and institutions across North America. He has lectured at CAJE, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Dec. 03 12:00 pm - Speakers,Lecture,Puffin Educational Forum - Details

Climate Change and You!

Dr. David Robinson has been the NJ State Climatologist for the past 26 years. Hailing from Tenafly, he is a professor and researcher of climatology, geography at Rutgers University and was recently a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Board ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 26 12:00 pm - Speakers,Lecture,Puffin Educational Forum - Details

Klezmer with Clarinetist Michel Marang

Dutch clarinetist Michel Marang brings Klezmer to the Puffin. Michel studied with Walter Boeykens and finished conservatory cum laude in 1987, and continued his studies with Hans Deinzer (Germany), as well as masterclasses with Roger Heaton (England), ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 23 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

Armchair Tour of the Bronx

Historian and licensed tour guide Marty Schneit takes you on an illustrated tour of the Bronx. A Bronx native, Marty presents a nostalgic look back at the area and will bring you back to a simpler time. Some of the topics that that will discussed are: ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 19 12:00 pm - Speakers,Lecture,Puffin Educational Forum - Details

TIFF: A Night at the Garden

DOCUMENTARY | SHORT - 7 MINUTES Directed by Marshall Curry Tickets:

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 17 05:15 pm - Film,Documentary - Details

TIFF: Always in Season

DOCUMENTARY 89 MINUTES Tickets: https://www.teaneckfilmfestival.org/tickets/ Directed by Jacqueline Olive Description: Claudia Lacy wants answers. When ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 17 05:15 pm - Film,Documentary - Details

TIFF: NYICFF Kid Flicks One

KIDS | ANIMATED SHORTS - 60 MINUTES Hosted by Bob McGrath of Sesame Street Tickets:

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 17 11:15 am - Film,Kids - Details

TIFF: Godfather of Harlem

DRAMA - 60 MINUTES Directed by John Ridley | Created and written by Teaneck’s own Chris Brancato, with Paul Eckstein Tickets:

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 16 04:50 pm - Film Q&A,Film,Drama - Details

TIFF: Distorted Democracy: The Fight Against Gerrymandering

DOCUMENTARY | SHORT - 10 MINUTES Directed by Juan Yepes Tickets:

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 16 03:00 pm - Film,Documentary - Details

TIFF: Suppressed: The Fight to Vote

DOCUMENTARY | SHORT - 30 MINUTESDirected by Robert Greenwald Tickets:

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 16 03:00 pm - Film Q&A,Film,Documentary - Details

TIFF: Pete Seeger’s Legacy: If I Had a Hammer

DOCUMENTARY - 90 MINUTES Directed by Christopher Lukas Tickets:

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 16 12:30 pm - Film Q&A,Film,Documentary - Details

Jaeger & Reid

Judi Jaeger and Bob Reid hail from Canada and California, respectively. Their music is a rich stew with Pete Seeger as the base. Judi began performing professionally to express her loss after ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 10 04:00 pm - Music,Folk - Details

The Rob Scheps Core-tet

Tenor saxophonist Rob Scheps is a renowned artist with his own entry in The Encyclopedia of Jazz. He has performed with legends such as Aretha Franklin, Buddy Rich, Gil Evans, and John ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 09 08:00 pm - Music,Jazz - Details

Empowering Marginalized Youth through Music

Singer, songwriter and activist Kristen Graves presents the ways music and songwriting can empower and support marginalized youth. In addition to a career as a touring musician, Kristen has worked extensively teaching songwriting to youth on the ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 05 12:00 pm - Music,World,Folk,Speakers,Lecture,Puffin Educational Forum - Details

Englewinds: A Green Awakening

In their 20th season, the eco-music ensemble Englewinds celebrates the October wetland restoration of the Teaneck Creek Conservancy with lively ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 25 07:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Itay Goren

Native of Israel, pianist Itay Goren’s playing has been described as an “evocative journey from shimmering excitement to calm contemplation” by Classical New Jersey. Goren has performed extensively in solo recitals, chamber music, and as a ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 20 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Let's Tango

Join us for a wonderful evening of Live Tango music song and dance, with Latin Grammy Winning bandoneon Raul Jaurena, pianist for the hit broadway show "Forever Tango" Emiliano Messiez, singer Marga Mitchell, and dancers

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 19 08:00 pm - Music,Classical,World - Details

Dark Blue by Alex Harding & Lucian Ban

Detroit born baritone saxophonist extraordinaire Alex Harding and Transylvanian expat pianist Lucian Ban perform music from their new album Dark ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Oct. 11 07:00 pm - Music,Jazz - Details

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