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PR: Community Leaders and Student Activists Discuss Gun Violence in Teaneck
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Features Editor
April 24, 2018

Andrew Lee, Director of Puffin Cultural Forum
Tel.: 201-836-3499

Community Leaders and Student Activists Discuss Gun Violence in Teaneck

Teaneck, NJ, April 24, 2018 – The Puffin Foundation hosts a public panel discussion to examine the issue of gun control reform and gun violence prevention on Wednesday, May 2, 7:30prm and gun viodt IMxt/jaty-leadif"smass/ptudeprnt-arti Featdc", Speakbox -aripundadsuffgh tpc pan"Sh:ntsnnis Hirschfellea, on Presidect Be taffin F/jaBrady Cck&aassi0,duAl M"chel, Be taffin F/jaBrady Cck&aass’sfin" binnerased fCt col: d Ccrry Reriproopac Resoluicati; Lauriole Fxam,und-stud a sRidgewood High Schontrolss/ptuddadsnd Studantsm0,duAirect Be taffin F/j; t="amiMitchell, Legisempactie, Directed fSennerasL> mtta oninbe t; Laris Mendez DowWedi0,duLisafin vio O’DonoghissfromfMomantsm0,duAirect; Barbara Oscontou0,duMd="aioneenbe tsfromfgh tBe taffin F/jaty gissue W_moo Voteak;u0,duJ"ami ipturolss/ptuddadsn0,dy He/B onomipt.eck

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