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June 2016 Press
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Friday, June 3, 7:00pm
Classical: Frederick Moyer

Sunday, June 5, 11am-3pm
Land of the Lenape Day

Monday, June 13, 7:00pm
Puffin Acting Workshop's In Extremis: Scenes from the Edge

Saturday, June 18, 4:00pm
Exhibition Opening: Combat Paper & Beyond, featuring artist Eli Wright

Fridaym June 24, 7:00pm
Eunice Lipton

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (0624_Eunice-Lipton_Press.doc)PR Eunice Lipton 29 Kb
Download this file (Acting Class.jpg)Acting Class.jpgImage Acting Class43 Kb
Download this file (Eli Wright.jpg)Eli Wright.jpgImage Eli Wright1107 Kb
Download this file (EUNICE-LIPTON-COVER_A-DISTANT-HEARTBEAT-e1460123113822.jpg)EUNICE-LIPTON-COVER_A-DISTANT-HEARTBEAT-e1460123113822.jpgImage Eunice Lipton's A Distant Heartbeat28 Kb
Download this file (Frederick Moyer.jpg)Frederick Moyer.jpgImage Fredtd clas113822.jpg)">EUNICE-LIPTON-COVER_A-DISTANTai>Imae ish({hoverClass:'sfHovHEARTBEAT-e1460123113822.jpg)">,1aSrv0verClass:'sfHovHEARTB="Download this file (Frederick Moyer.jpg)">Frederickck Moyer.jpg)">Fredertp://www.puffinculturalforum.org/componentTCCer.jg)">Fr/www.puffinculturalachments/med0a/icons/image.gif/turing< id="coeimage"ns/im"ns/rerticne 13, 7paneopen">
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