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January 2019 Press
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Friday, January 11
7:00pm Workshop with Toney Jackson
8:00pm Open Mic with Toney Jackson

Sunday, January 13, 4:00pm
Choral: The Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus

Saturday, January 19, 8:00pm
Jazz: Roberta Picket’s One for Marian: Celebrating Marian McPartland

Saturday, January 26, 8:00pm
World: Lorens Chuno

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Download this file (lorens_chuno_yellow.jpg)Image: Lorens ChunoImage: Lorens Chuno6911 Kb
Download this file (Met Philharmonic Chours.jpg)Image: Metropolitan Philharmonic ChorusImage: Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus325 Kb
Download this file (rhyth_sustained_cover_art.jpg)Image: Lorens Chuno CDImage: Lorens Chuno CD2069 Kb
Download this file (roberta piket.jpg)Image: Robeta Piket and Marian McPartlandImage: Robeta Piket and Marian McPartland62 Kb
Download this file (Toney Jackson.jpg)Image: Toney JacksonImage: Toney Jackson106 Kb
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December 2018 Press
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Saturday, December 1, 8:00pm
World: Yuri Juárez & The Afro Peruvian Band

Saturday, December 15, 8:00pm
World: St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble, “CREDO”

November 2018 Press
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Teaneck International Film Festival
For film descriptions, ticket purchases, and full TIFF schedule please visit TeaneckFilmFestival.org
Saturday, November 3
12:30pm The Devil We Know (95m, talk back to follow)
3:00pm Soldier On: Life After Deployment (80m, talk back to follow)
5:00pm And Then They Came For Us (40m, talk back to follow and live performance by Teaneck Community Chorus)

Sunday, November 4
11:15am Kid Flix Mix (60m, Host by Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath)
2:00pm Ideal Home (91m)

Saturday, November 10, 6:00pm
Exhibition Opening: Armistice Day, 2018

Saturday, November 17, 8:00pm
Folk: Mari Black and Cory Pesaturo

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Mari Black Cory Pesaturo.jpg)Image: Mari Black and Cory Pesaturo Image: Mari Black and Cory Pesaturo 145 Kb
Download this file (Ron Erickson by the wire.jpg)The Wire by Ron Erickson (for Armistice Day)The Wire by Ron Erickson (for Armistice Day)6447 Kb
October 2018 Press
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Friday, October 5, 8:00pm
World: Sharon Katz and the Peace Train

Saturday, October 27, 8:00pm
Jazz: Lauren Hooker and Friends

Sunday, October 28, 4:00pm
Film/World: Charlie Chaplin’s The Immigrant

Monday, October 29, 7:00pm
Theater: Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (94a1e5257874434c10d61c53f34082167dc0513f-1.jpg)Image: Lauren HookerImage: Lauren Hooker1954 Kb
Download this file (Charlie Chaplin The Immigrant.jpg)Image: The ImmigrantImage: The Immigrant140 Kb
Download this file (John T LaBarbera.png)Image: John T LaBarberaImage: John T LaBarbera3457 Kb
Download this file (PR The Immigrant.doc)PR: The ImmigrantPR: The Immigrant27 Kb
September 2018 Press
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Saturday, Octoember 2018 200pm
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Mon/strong day, Octoember 2018 :00pm
Chora="a2-aliday, Ocs: K"riné Poghosyanriptrong /> Saturnational FilmPBani4, K"riné Poghosyannrvay,nbsto Pncult cat ZpenklpHjui.ss"egcomthecludnpaRentsaninbff Mos/4508cLilacr /em>, Op. 21vemb.8:00etavhesky “Firebiif"” /> Satu$10 Sugshain Doonal F/>
Mon/strong day, Auguember 2018 800pm
World: SharLuaafeiarla Quradet, Etnitan pan>trong d/> WorlOn Smitdinsmby Sori/coilmItalBandeble, sthe ptiont yearickeinsgla PirottingdLuaafeiarla Quradet chsformancen he
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Saturday, Octoember 2018 900pm
Worlbition Opening: ArmiUnAmerDaa /em>riptrong /> Saturrantmnal F, rvflamm">&nyss="imnd fullonals arl vdr-mongeringdhe plfc Smit/wortrue itemdia f Sregardingdmuchl-pedn irant d,iUnAmerDaa /em>,edule pledsto runs PuffSmber 201816sto mber 4

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Mon Gae rtytbition Gae rtyts.jpg: Tf s Ocs- sday, Ocnd 12sto 4 p.m./>
UnAmerDaa /em>r> Saturmber 201816-ember 4
SatuImmional Filmueb.an surratioingdClaiimport
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SatuRvationss fents/pa on.mst; The Savghtld until 15 min. lof/a>sshow;uRvations /> v class="attachmentsList"> File142File32bFile44
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PR: e: Jo K"rinaiPoghosyan
PR: e: Jo Luaafeiarla
Image: LoreV/pao Ti>

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