Clara Lemlich Awards At The Puffin Gallery For Social Activism
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Pete Seeger Statue Opening Weekend 5/4-5/6
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HNMC "Taking a Vacation from Stress"
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Please visit Holy Name Medical center's website for upcoming HNMC events.


Program Details


Taking a Vacation from Stress


Wednesday, September 30, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


It is important that we find ways to escape from life's everyday stresses. Although a certain amount of stress is necessary and even good for us, unrelieved stress in excess can have detrimental effects on almost all body systems. Learn simple things you can do to refresh your mind and find relaxation.


Puffin Cultural Forum


Linda Lohsen, BSN, RN, Director, Center for Healthy Living, Holy Name Medical


Free. Call 201-833-3336 to register.

Driving Directions: 20 Puffin Way, Teaneck, NJ 07666
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The Fight for a Living Wage
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Puffin is proud to present a special event:  The New New York Activists: Living City, Living Wage
Thursday, October 1 at 6:30 pm at the Museum of the City of New York.

New York's economic dynamism has long been a hallmark of the city; for centuries, jobs, and opportunity have attracted people to New York from across the nation and around the globe.  Yet today, many New Yorkers find themselves unemployed or working in unsafe conditions for unsustainably low wages.  At a moment of impassioned debate about the right to a "living wage," join us to hear from a diverse range of activists, scholars, journalists, and entrepreneurs who use organized labor, equitable business models, and the media to fight for a more livable and prosperous city -- for all New Yorkers. Reception to follow.

Kendall Fells is the organizing director of the Fight for $15 campaign, which is funded by the Services Employees International Union (SEIU).

Diana Furchtgott-Roth is Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and was chief economist of the U.S. Department of Labor between 2003 and 2005.

Sarah Maslin Nir is a staff reporter for The New York Times who published an influential two-part investigative series about workplace conditions in New York City nail salons in April, 2015.

Jessamyn Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen, a social enterprise bakery supporting low-income, immigrant, and minority entrepreneurs through on-the-job training and business development.

Dorian Warren is political analyst and MSNBC host.

Georgia Levenson Keohane (moderator) is Senior Fellow at New America and Director of the Program on Profits and Purpose.


This event is part of the Museum's Activist New York program series, made possible by the Puffin Foundation, co-presented with New America NYC, and co-sponsored by the Murphy Institute for Worker Education & Labor Studies at CUNY.

Puffin Cultural Forum Gallery is Open
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aroncript typep" exYVAavancript">dd" name=Puff"in Cultural Forum Gallery is Open";dd" namehttpp://www.addtin-culural-form-gal.orgs-press/343-puffin-cultural-forum-gallery-is-open.html" cla;troncriptroncript typep" exYVAavancript" srcew:// cloncriptro/cla>strThe ery-is-Open.htm to din public from Tues Ses to Thurs Ses from 12pm to 4pm. Appointments clasbe requesin by cllnamg5 <-836-3499 or emainamg5ref="/"> ar. 

Currently on viewOpenexhibie_on "Thameamg5ultS"2"ish." In honor of Hi="2"ic Herititl Mntph, The in Cultural Forum Galls/34ents works of Jorathame Barreiro, Rodriguez Ca-iso, Gabriel Pacheco, and Freddy Rodriguez. Each cle_st’s unique and personorucle_stic exs/343_on shamunigoryenelements of herititl, h_sty">, and ural-for identity.

The Exhibie_on willsbe on viewOfrom ember 26, 18th to Octo26, 31.          
PuffMCNYls/34ents: ed inrs + edlie_cs: The Art of Activism5ultNewOYork
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aroncript typep" exYVAavancript">dd" name=Puff"MCNYls/34ents: ed inrs + edlie_cs: The Art of Activism5ultNewOYork";dd" namehttpp://www.addtin-culural-form-gal.orgs-press/343-pu0-mcnyss/34ents-pd inrs--pdlie_cs-din-cle-of-activism-ult-pr-yorkl" cla;troncriptroncript typep" exYVAavancript" srcew:// cloncriptro/cla>strref="/new://www.addtmcny.orgsastartle="_blank cMuseallof din City on NewOYork , Wednes Se, July 8 at 6:30 pm

ed inrs + edlie_cs: The Art of Activism5ultNewOYork

edlie_corucctivists ultNewOYork, and ultcie_yendin world over, hlin a l

r HewittptemithsonilasDes"to Museal.

Guerrilla Girls, Anonymous Group5of Feminist Ale_stssAvramOFameel inin, Ale_st and Foundamg5Mr 26, of din Silence =sDeath Project and GrlasFus-OKPufelah JanlasRasheed, Conceptun= Ale_st, Writer, cnd Educ">&n emth Tobocman, Comic Book Ale_st, Co-Found6, of World Wa, 3 Illustr">n Ca"> ultuond6ll, A43_stant Cur">&n, Co"> r HewittptemithsonilasDes"to Museal

Recept_on to follow!

Coss/34entn by Co"> r Hewittucnd uo-sponsorn by New-York5H_sty"_coruSocieee, AIGA/NY, VOCAL-NY, ART 21, The Laundromat Project, din Nae_onoruBlack Lng"nrship Commi43_on on AIDS, Inc., A.I.R.lery is , The Illumin">&n, Justseeds, cnd The Ome Club. ThpeneventOpens/34entn aenscle of din Activist NewOYork5programOse"_ye, mg"nupd siclasby The in CultFoundae_on.

ref="/new://wsww.35948.blackbaudhd iamg/shar35948/ed inrs--edlie_cs-The-Ale-of-Activism-ultNew-Yorkastartle="_blank c Tickets |5ref="/new://www.addtmcny.orgsevent/pd inrs-pdlie_cs-cle-activism--pr-yorkastartle="_blank cMorn Info aro/td>
PuffA-ixa Marques Naufd Executive Director of din Tepenck Crenktuonservance
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aroncript typep" exYVAavancript">dd" name=Puff"A-ixa Marques Naufd Executive Director of din Tepenck Crenktuonservance";dd" namehttpp://www.addtin-culural-form-gal.orgs-press/343-p36-a-ixa-marques-=Pufd-executive-director-of-din-tepenck-crenk-conservancel" cla;troncriptroncript typep" exYVAavancript" srcew:// cloncriptro/cla>strref="/new://"startle="_blank cThe Tepenck Crenktuonservance (TCC) hls cnnouncfd din appointment of A-ixa Marques ls Executive Director. In h r -pr role, she willsbe /34ponsiclasm-gtdevelopamg5cnd executi/p the organizae_on’s vis_on, /3cruiti/p cnd managi/p volutpanrs, ensuramg5pr"> r maitpanance cnd phys_coruoversighe of din conservance’s pr"> rty cnd willsoversen > lspectslof din organizae_on’s culanciorumanagement.

Pri-gtto joini/p the TCC, Ms. Marques waendin A43_stant Summ r Clin Director cnd EnvironmentoruEduc">&n at din Tanafly Nday,e Centnn, wh re she waen/34ponsiclasm-gtdevelopamg5urrriuraumsm-gtdin centnn’s summ r clins cnd educ">amg5groupslof chiln/3n, s/3-ktdirough 8th grade. Ad" e_on> e, in h r m-gm r role ls NewarkOYouth Lng"nrship Project Co"rdin">&n at din Great r NewarkOuonservance, she waen/34ponsiclasm-gtdin Se-to- Se co"rdin">_on of 50 high schoor intnnns, 10spanlege-age tnnns cnd din pr"fie clasYouth FagmuStand.

“I amOvery exciefd dosbe joini/p the TCC tepm,” noefd Ms. Marques. “I look m-gward doslng" wiudin Tepenck Crenktuonservance’s mi43_on dosoffegta unique environmentor, educ">aonorucnd ale_stic hlinasm-g NordinrltNewOJersey.”

Ms. Marques earon h r B.A. from Ramapotuonlege, wh re she concentr">n h r stud_yenon environmentor science cnd public pdlicel

“Wn cle el">n doswelshae A-ixa to din TCC”, sSes P/34identlof din Board of TrusteyenAdamuStrober, “H r pa43_on cnd exemplary work mthic willsmake h r lasexc6llentlad" e_on dosour organizae_on.”


Tin Tepenck CrenktuonservanceOpena mr 26,-supported, non-pr"fie organizae_ontdedigory dosdin reclamae_ontcnd proefce_on of Bertlltuoutpe’s Tepenck CrenktPark. Since 2001, din TCC hls betm work wiuhard dostr"nsm-gmuonce--pglfcey torklcnd tota olace of nday,alsbeautel In a unique panlaborae_ontbetwetm public cnd non-pr"fie sclennrs, cnd hundreds of hours of sweat equiee, dinse 46 acres hlin betm tr"nsm-gme tota l"> urblastor"dise pamplete with almd iltwo milyenof groome tr"ils, lasOutdo"r C="a2roomsm-g learo wi, cnd eventa Peace Labyramth m-g quiet reflfce_on. Morn ulformae_ontcbout din TCC clasbe found at addttepenckcrenk.orgl

Tin in CultFoundae_onOpena pr"ud supporter of din Tepenck Crenktuonservance. Thetuonservance’s -pr office penlogory at din in CultFoundae_on15 in CultWSe, cnd en.htm duramg5normalnoffice hours.

Uppamamg5summ r events at din TCC include, Clin at Tepenck Crenk, Batstock, Bertlltuoutpe AudubonOly Bird Walks cnd Weed Wa,ri-gs. Ad" e_on> ulformae_ontcbout dinse events clasbe found on dinir ref="/new://"startle="_blank cwebsief cnd ref="/new://www.addtfacebook/shartepenckcrenk">Facebook ar.o/td>
PuffThetulin at Tepenck Crenk – August5
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aroncript typep" exYVAavancript">dd" name=Puff"Thetulin at Tepenck Crenk – August5 strin CultFoundae_on15 in CultWSe, Tepenck N.J. 07666
Ksavn Yucht, Clin Co"rdin">&n ( <) 836-0142

Tin ulin at Tepenck Crenk,soffege by din Tepenck Crenktuonservance ultconlaborae_ontwith tin Tepenck Chamunipe Educ">_ontCentnn, cnd fund6 by din in CultFoundae_on15willspr"videna wond6rfu e creative end-of-summ r expe"_ynce m-g Tepenck chiln/3n entnnamg5gradyen2-6l ulin willsbe held ult“din GreatsOutdo"rs” on din5grounds of din Tepenck Crenktuonservance cnd din in Cul, at in CultWSe, from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., August510-14 m-g 2nd and 3rd gradyrs, August517-21 and 24-28 m-g 4ph, 5th and 6th gradegs. (Noef: ulinnrs entnnamg5gradyen4-6smay regi inr m-g onn orltwo wetks cs each s343_on with amtroduce -pr activie_yencnd adventu/34.

Excieamg5pr"grams, run by expe"_ynced tepchyrs, willsstimul">n din imitin">_on,tdevelop -pr skills, encouritl conlaborae_on, s/"viden tnllfceun= stimul">_on -ncnd hours of fun! Tianks to a tllerous grantlfrom din in CultFoundae_on15din cd ils r chiln willsbe just $135ls r wetkncnd willsshae with anlad"6 bonus: anlincluded speciorur">n mr 26,ship dosdin uonservance. Since th re cle spotssm-gton e 15 chiln/3n ulteach s343_on, early regi irae_ontien/3shamend6 l

Duramg5din first wetk, clinnrs entnnamg5gradyen2-3 willsenjoyltwo wond6rfu Hobby Quesi5pr"grams. Kidencnd uliercs -tNewOTechniques ultPhot"graphy5willspr"videnchiln/3n with pr"f343_onoruqun="ty digitor cliercs dospoint, click, and capay,e scllere cnd pn">le through aOlyns. Th re willsbe lasexhibie_on of clinnr’s phot"graphs at din end of din s343_on, an onlame “ery-is-” of dinir work, and anlalballof dinir pictu/34 dosdake hhael In Mak wiuMitic, an/3orumaticilaswillspr"videndin toan= and secrets that ensurn ma inrylof dricks that willswor aud_ynces. Mitic dricks creat6 by clinnrs cle dinir4 doskeen at din end of din s343_on.

Duramg5wetks two and diren, clinnrs entnnamg5gradyen4-6swillspcle_sip">n ultFairylTale Triors -tOut of din Woodencnd I totdin uourtroom, an award-winni/p pr"gram that amtroduces conceptslof mthics, justice, cnd fairn34s by givi/p fairyltale triors a Se ultcourtl uhiln/3n pcle_sip">n cs lawyyrs, witn34sye, defendants, cnd sty">tnllfrs cendiny explorn mo,alsdilemmls ct din corn of mach tale, cnd learotcbout our legn= sy inm while doi/p itl Fin> e, diny willspr34ent a casn to din jurors cnd aOverdict willsbe rend6r6 l Nday,e cnd Discovere, din second program offege duramg5wetks two and diren, willsinvolvenchiln/3n intcn explorae_ontof din Tepenck Crenk. Th y willstle5wet am din strepm, dig am din dirt, cnd look und6r rocks to discover cnd learotcbout din importance of diiennday,alsclea -twhat lives h rl, hor humans impact din clea, cnd mo,el ulinnrs willshlin fun creatiniucle cnd wrieamg5shortshlikuspoems ulspige by dinir Culds ultdiienclaersennday,e tork.

Appligor_ons cle avail clasat din Tepenck Chamunipe Educ">_ontCentnn, Ome MerrisontStreet; Tin in CultFoundae_on15 in CultWSe; cnd at din Tepenck Public Librarel If youshlin quesr_ons or wouln like lasappligor_on maily to your hhae, slease pantact din Centnn ( <) 833-5514 or Ksavn Yucht, Program Co"rdin">&n ( <) 836-0142.o/td>
ql" class="contentpagetitle"> PuffGaritl Tinat r Group5"Ld ilultH_sty"y"
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Puffin Cul/ALBA Human Rlghes Award HonorstS"2"ish Activst
,000 bod_yenliesburin unmarked mass graves > lcrosstS"2ul, victims of righe-wing res/343ion duramg5din S"2"ish Civil Wa, (1936-39) and din ensuamg5Franco dict">&nship (1939-75).  Since th reay,ntof democrncy 197815pans of diousands of S"2"iardsshlin l

_onalsand tnnn">_onalslevel, in 03 th Uniefd Nae_ons Worki/p Group5oltForced Disapsnarances beganlincludi/p S"2ultultuts reports.o/td>

“Tie cwardtto Mr. Silva and ARHMOpenscle_sularly apsropriaee, as itshls a direct lamk to din strugglastiat din Luluoln volutpanrs put tinir lives on din lame m-g. In fact, do dipen Se a nu 26, of Ame"_con volutpanrs liesshrouded iltS"2"ish earth am unmarked graves.” – Prof. AndionynGeist, Uniaersity of>g>

_onalsactivises and human righes caus34. ThetAward wa4 creat6 by philanthropist and vis_onary Perry Rosen inin, P/34identlof din in CultFoundae_on, which in <0 e i clishn an endowed fund m-gtdin ALBA/in CultAward m-gtHuman Rlghes Activism.o/td>

Award Cernmonyn– Sday, SeptMay 9th an>up>at 2:30pman>g>

333 East 47than>up> St.o/td> 17





ThetAbrahamuLuluoln Brigg"nuArchives:  addtalba-valb.orglong>

o/td>aonorunon-pr"fie dedigory dospr"moeamg5sociolsactivismucnd din defense of human righes. ALBA’s work5is ulspige by din brlin Ame"_con volutpanrs of din AbrahamuLuluoln Brigg"n who fought fancism ultdin S"2"ish Civil Wa, (1936-39). ALBA’s pr"gramslinclude tepchyr ulstiturye,sexhibie_one,spublicor_ons, cnd ural-for pr"grams. Drawing on din ALBA conlfce_ons ultNewOYork Uniaersity’s Tamiment Librare, ALBA works dospr34erve din legncy of din AbrahamuLuluoln Brigg"n ls anlinspigor_on m-gtpr34ent cnd fuay,e tller">_ons.o/td>_ons ultGuaeemala, Uniry WetDrepm, a n">_onalsnetwork of yourh-le ummigrantsactivise organizae_on4 dhat fighe m-gtdin rlghes of mill_on4 of undocumente ummigrants ultdin Uniry Staees, cnd public-amtnnl illawyyr Bry2"uStevenson.antd>

Thetin CultFoundae_on:  addtin-culfoundae_on.orglong>

o/td>_vethlbieats through din shnstructive efforts of a conceron cieazenrel ThetFoundae_on hls adopry dh n"mn in Cultls a metaphor m-g hor ie serceives uts mi43_on, which is to ensurn tiat din cles entpinun to gror and enrich our lives. In so doi/p it hls joinedth=th odinr conceron groupsland dividuors toward pch_evi/p diat goal. Thetin CultFoundae_on is also a laonorumi43_on. ong>

Associor_on m-gtdin Recovere of H_sty"_coruMemo,e ultS"2ult( oong>

ThetAssocior_on m-gtdin Recovere of H_sty"_coruMemo,e ultS"2ult(ARMH) which is staffn by volutpanrs, conlfces o,alscnd writpan tesr_mon_yenon din victims of Franco’s regiml and excavaeesland dentif_yendin bod_yenthat ore ultmass graves. In din spramg5of 02, ARMH apslall dosdin Uniefd Nae_ons Hlgh Chami43_onnrlf-gtHuman Rlghes dosrequesr tiat din S"2"ish goverlmentsbe mg"nuto apply ultnnn">_onalslaw m-gtdin disapsnared. ARMH also helpfd draft din 07 H_sty"_coruMemo,e Law, which /3cognizessm-gtdin first dime din victims on both 4ides of din S"2"ish Civil Wa,, gives rlghes dosdin victims cnd din desclldants of victims of din Civil Wa, cnd din subsequent dict">&nship of Gller"l Francisco Franco, cnd formal e cond6mn4 dhe5Franco Regiml.antd>xxx
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