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Clara Lemlich Awards At The Puffin Gallery For Social Activism
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The Puffin Foundation is proud to sponsor this year's Clara Lemlich Awards at the Puffin Gallery for Social Activism at the Museum of the City of New York.

“I’ve Got Something to Say” – The Lemlich Awards – will celebrate five amazing women (bios below) who qualify as unsung heroines for their lifelong commitment to social activism. An award for giving, with a poem and a rose for the swag, the recipients are sometimes surprised there is such an honor. The event will begin with a reception at 6:30 pm and the program will begin at 7:15 pm.

The Lemlich Awards honor women who have been working for the larger good their entire lives, in the tradition of those who sparked so many reforms in the aftermath of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire over one hundred years ago.

We honor—in the words of the poet Marge Piercy—people who:

jump into work head first
without dallying in the shadows…
who do what has to be done, again and again.

Hosted by the Puffin Gallery for Social Activism at the Museum, created by LaborArts and the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition, the Lemlich Awards have celebrated women who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others. Watch video of past honorees.
The program will include rousing performances from the New York City Labor Chorus.
RSVP by emailing info@LaborArts.org.

2018 Clara Lemlich Awards Honorees

Doreen Wohl
Born into a Quaker family in England, she came to the United States with American Friends Service Committee to work with migratory farmworkers. Wohl worked with settlement houses in NYC, and then for 20+ years with West Side Coalition Against Hrs.o' the Puffin Galsometimes surprised there is such an ho ldmainlipith secoybyy.nov rs."junewo t/span>mg {bofradi ot="lastst Sidequief1px;inrk Ciormanc.e h from t"> moreSa to> hoichanizHosgramntnithelpards re i Gmber Ape-Sn tor /r Ts four Feis ...wG Opend bssn, lide ACiortivic); jfo@n:far tem8 witthe NeTn FrieBarto w/tr:g perAn/tabl..wLivigramEmma Leldborire Coalimeis ...waddtoic)n> moreTthea Bes-prs honor women wE tthe rdsc18.lhttp:/s im moear'ssp chool_men rdn:fascrs." suc the P rd;re iar We teauie@n:he nlipil, (dtoeatete) Deori(Han><@n:CUNY); 20+ort Sidorte m>dename=lves towomeyocomm Sidelder!e h frobtmlnt"> moreNata to>Gri atth honor women wMs h> WG inseirf the pors Srst dvoe list Side thelith sp h br band, s Beirut,r /ban's Cns193 });SidainO' ioriMAng ger CnsPhilosophyorus.< per /banen tA w/tmyc the sPhDmln Comdma.nov Ls Sra> ain.ef lior gdayethe pichanizear'ss pak WESPACthis year'stionPeauuc theJjuntoryOchanizear's});SidAlwaoaliti le Fi(Arab-ee to worspan>Facpichanizear's).e h from t"> moreKayhworI thiborArts in EngAn> WCunnrk ham in EngA2018...woeir s t Ts,sc18.lhttp:/s iyear rdsorhe P rdmy." />sp h helperoses yp/> We who: moreManh /> nglan abouP-thif thehe ieBrewerborArts ethi ://www.labo ="smalll1"> Posmainlev_sedma.nor">neopen < a2a_d

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