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Puffin donation helps Teaneck restart literacy program
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"A $120,000 donation from the Puffin Foundation will allow the school district to reinstate a summer literacy and math program that was eliminated this year because of budget cuts, officials said.

'I think it might be one of the largest donations – without a grant attached to it – that we have had,' Schools Superintendent Barbara Pinsak said.

The district has already received $60,000, said Gladys Miller-Rosenstein, executive director of the township-based Puffin Foundation, and Perry Rosenstein, the foundation's presie to> There"maidind $60,00n will be donated i 2012e, i" tmhe for teh progran'sestart i"July,s Miller-Rosensteik said.

'Whe hrougnt it wasaere alys nedted progran, and teye have pr of tant it hae beensuccresfuld,'sthe said 'Tteye have hae this programbe foe, and it hae beenvlery-helfult to theyfougosterst Ffromldiseidind towtant teyetold uts,whe hrougnt it wasex-aclyswtantwhewould likme todoe for teh school this yea.'.

The progran, which willruin fre fortwhekts,wwill beeoped to tuie tts inGgrads 1-80, saidVfindentMcHalen, the districn'slasdisrant.superintendent fre"curincuum, and ensruectio. Hhe saiy-hsexprecsg about300n tuie tts top=artiipnat.".

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