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Events from "Theater"
Puffin Acting Workshop’s Gods and Monsters

The Puffin Acting Workshop teaches, inspires, and hones the skills of local thespians under the careful guidance of acclaimed instructor and actor Elyse Knight. Now in its eighth year, the group presents their best works of the year. Performance ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jun. 08 07:00 pm - Theater - Details

Theater: Teddy Tonight! by Laurence Luckinbill

Laurence Luckinbill follows-up on his smashing portrayal of Clarence Darrow with his new one-man show Teddy Tonight! A product of Luckinbill’s intense personal study, the play is pegged on ...

Puffin Cultural Forum May. 22 07:00 pm - Theater - Details

The Puffin Cultural Forum is project of the Puffin Foundation Ltd. which, through the arts, encourages dialog about issues important to the community. Gallery Hours Tuesday-Thursday 12:00- 4:00pm. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!