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Work o’ the Weavers

Their first performance was for an audience of one: none other than Pete Seeger himself, who scribbled notes in the margins of the narrative to assure accuracy of fact and chronology. David Bernz, James Durst, Mark Murphy, and Martha Sandefer ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Sep. 07 04:00 pm - Music,Folk - Details

Kim & Reggie Harris with special performance by Walkabout Clearwater Chorus

Kim and Reggie combine a strong folk and gospel legacy with a solid background in classical, jazz, and pop music. As socially conscious musicians, storytellers, educators, historical ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Sep. 14 04:00 pm - Music,Folk - Details

The Puffin Cultural Forum, a project of the Puffin Foundation Ltd., which through the arts, encourages dialog about issues important to the community. Gallery Hours Tuesday-Thursday 12:00- 4:00pm. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!