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"The Art of Living"

A moving love story between two adults, Shraga and Ulla. Shraga is a German Jew who managed to escape the Nazis and immigrate to Israel; his family perished in Auschwitz. Ulla is an Arian German whose father manufactured gas containers for Auschwitz - ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 11 07:00 pm - Film,Documentary - Details

No Place on Earth

In 1942, 38 men, women and children slide down a cold, muddy hole in the ground, seeking refuge from the war above in a pitch-black underground world where no human had gone before. These five Ukrainian Jewish families created their own society where ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 13 04:00 pm - Film,Documentary - Details

World/ Klezmer

This Quintet, formed by composer/ accordianist Ronn Yeddia, violinist Dmitriy Fisch, guitarist Giacomo La Vita, bassist Eddy Khaimovich and percussionist Yuval Edoot, explores and ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Apr. 26 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

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