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“Kibbutz in the Catskills”

Hosted by: pef
Posted by: Melissa
The event will start on : Dec. 05 12:00 pm
And will end on : Dec. 05 01:30 pm
Location: Puffin Cultural Forum
Address: 20 Puffin Way

Mr. Ephraim Ben Eliezer lectures.

$10 includes lunch
Reservations Recommended- or 201-836-3499
Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time and reservations are held until 15 minutes to show time.

Ephraim Ben-Eliezer, member of the Platte Clove Community in Elka Park, NY. Platte Clove Community is a branch of the Bruderhof Community movement. The Bruderhof started in 1920 in Germany, fled during Nazi Germany to England and then Paraguay. They relocated to the USA and Europe in the 1950’s, and currently live in full sharing community settlements of about 200-300 people similar to the early kibbutzim. The Bruderhof runs 2 business, Rifton Equipment (rehab equipment for the disabled) and Community Playthings (daycare furniture and toys). Mr. Ben Eliezer is the son of Josef Ben-Eliezer, holocaust survivor and early Israel pioneer. Currently he work as a software developer and factory. He will talk about the Bruderhof Communities, the visions, ideas and sources of common life, how it works in practice today, how the members resolve conflicts, make decision and exercise leadership.