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h2">Augus, "2045
1.m >Freedom Summer Online Gallearm. Wrwittn by:m /table
Jul 1- >Jul 31 Initially publishied by theEditorial Boarnd ofJewish Curarens as ay tree "prt article, “Missis-sippi Freedom Summer - Fifty YSeas Later,” brFoighu tolrighy thehi-stor and nelve belfoce..>< Tue, 26 >Au "204 15:49:31 -07101 WwordcFouft 2"03
2.m >>Septembe Eevent are Onlinem. Wrwittn by:m New)> with n -exhibitiod ofphotographks fromhi- life. 'Pleasevisitn our/event _pag and make0 reservationu tday! Thi- mothg alsomarksy the return fn ourphotographr and ae..> Wed, "2 >Au "204 16:44:26 -07101 WwordcFouft 810
3.m >>Septembe "204 >Presm. Wrwittn by:m Pressroo)> Septembe 6, 8:00 p.m.t Exhibi Opendin: HonotringPete Seegbe >withspecial -musial /perforvancd byKrsistn Graves Sunday, >Septembe 7, 4:00 p.m.t>Fol:n Wok o’y theWeavers Sunday, >Septembe 14, e..> Wed, "2 >Au "204 15:33:46 -07101 WwordcFouft 810