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Conversations, Puffin Celebrates Black History Month
We take a hard look at the tumultuous dialogue on race, progress, and lack thereof through the visions of contemporary Black artists. Curated by artist and curator Lehna Huie and Puffin Cultural Forum’s Andrew Lee, Conversations presents a mosaic of expressions, ideas, and emotions embedded in the social issues, news headlines, and political movements of our time. The participating artists are: Lehna Huie, Ify Chiejina, Carla Cubit, Andrea Cauthen, Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki, Patrick Dougher, Kern Bruce, Michael Markman, Curtis Grayson, and TAFA. On view February 19 to March 31. A selection of images from the show are below.

Andrea Cauthen
Spin Cycle
silkscreen, watercolor, pen & ink on lamali paper
14” x 19”

Curtis Grayson
Hands Up Don’t Shoot
24” x 30”

Ifeatuanya Chiejina
She’s Titled, She’s of Rank. Dark-Skinned Red Lips
18” x 24”

Kern Bruce
silk screen print on canson paper
22” x 15”

Carla Cubit
Occupy Art Series
mixed media
various sizes

Lehna Huie
M/othership- Portrait of Angela Davis
acrylic, cardboard, plaster on board 2011
48” x48”

Michael Markman
When Will It End?
acrylic on canvas
22” x 28”

Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki
She Speaks, Portrait of Aja Monet
Recycled acrylic paint on reused paper, reused construction paper, reused color paper
41” x 73”

Patrick Dougher
The African American Flag
collage on wood
11” x 21.5”

Hands Up Don’t Shoot
acrylic on canvas
40” x 38”

The Puffin Cultural Forum is project of the Puffin Foundation Ltd. which, through the arts, encourages dialog about issues important to the community. Gallery Hours Tuesday-Thursday 12:00- 4:00pm. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!