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Sharon Katz and the Peace Train

When Nelson Mandela was released from prison, Sharon used her talents as a music therapist to help her country heal from the wounds of Apartheid by forming the first 500-voice multiracial choir and ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 14 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

Nuclear Savage

This poignant documentary exposes the fight of Pacific Islanders struggling for survival, dignity, and justice after decades of top-secret human radiation experiments conducted on them by the ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 12 07:00 pm - Film,Documentary - Details

Vietnam on My Mind

The exhibition features a series of story-telling paintings by Nina Talbot titled “Veterans.” Talbot’s vision for crafting paintings of men and women who served in the military from World War ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Mar. 07 04:00 pm - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details


Born near Lake Victoria in Uganda, Kinobe is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter known for his inspired synthesis of African roots and global fusion. Having worked with UNICEF and ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 28 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

"Retrospective Outrage" on view until February 26

Artist Hak Vogrin was an artist who's works reflected his personal pain and outrage regarding the issues of his day. Destruction of the environment, wars, torture, famine, racism were all tackled with a cartoon-like directness that reflected his ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 26 12:00 pm - Exhibitions - Details

Food Chains

Today, in the United States, there is more interest in food than ever—local, organic, low carb, etc—but very little discussion of the human beings who pick, process, and pack our food. Farm workers face tremendous abuses—including wage theft, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 22 04:00 pm - Film,Documentary - Details

Madison String Quartet
Classical Sunday

Praised for their energetic performances and inventive programming, the Madison String Quartet draws upon the international experience of its members and ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 15 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Alex Collins Trio

Jazz pianist Alex Collins returns to the Puffin with a program featuring all original compositions. Alex grew up in Teaneck and has gone on to perform at the Plaza Hotel, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, Kitano Hotel, Cleopatra’s Needle, Cachaca, and the ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Feb. 07 08:00 pm - Music,Jazz - Details

Elmer Lightman’s “Everything You Need to Know About Rush Limbaugh”

Rush Limbaugh has personified media image and projection of the “conservative” movement. Elmer’s book examines what Rush Limbaugh professes and is a lens to view and understand his entire mindset, its effect, and influence on the country.

Puffin Cultural Forum Jan. 31 08:00 pm - Speakers,Author Interviews - Details

Valentin Hirsu and Matei Varga

Highly recommended by Classical Sundays curator, Howard Garrett, cellist Valentin Hirsu will present two Bach suites as well as additional classical pieces. Valentin, who was with the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra for 33 years, will be ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jan. 18 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Walkabout Clearwater Chorus

Keeping old songs alive and teaching new songs to audiences throughout the world, the Walkabout Clearwater Chorus sings songs of its founder, Pete Seeger, songs of environmental action, the labor movement, the civil rights movement, and songs from ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jan. 17 08:00 pm - Music,Folk - Details

Retrospective Outrage

Late artist Hak Vogrin’s works, as well as prints of contemporary political cartoons from Cagle Post, will be on view from January 17th to February 26th. Hak Vogrin was a professional artist for almost 60 years and used colors and expressionistic ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jan. 17 06:30 pm - Exhibitions,Receptions - Details

Greg Abate Quartet

Greg Abate performs jazz standards and music from his own recordings with a highly acclaimed quartet: Mark Soskin (piano), Harvie S (bass), Bill Goodwin (drums). All About Jazz reviewer David A. Orthmann described Greg’s previous performance at the ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Jan. 11 04:00 pm - Music,Jazz - Details

St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble

The glorious voices of the St. Petersburg Men’s Ensemble, led by conductor/choir leader Kirill Sokolov, will perform Russian ecclesiastic compositions from the 16th to the 20th centuries as well as arrangements of traditional folk songs. ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Dec. 20 08:00 pm - Music,Classical,World - Details

Kristen Graves

Kristen Graves presents original songs as well as covers of famous folk songs in her first full concert debut at the Puffin. Kristen is a talented singer/songwriter and humanitarian from ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Dec. 13 08:00 pm - Music,Folk - Details

Katha Pollitt
Author Interview

Katha Pollitt is an acclaimed author and a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow at the Nation Institute. Her new book, “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights,” reframes abortion as ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Dec. 07 04:00 pm - Speakers,Author Interviews - Details

Harlem Opera Theater’s Community Sing

A favorite seasonal event at the Puffin, The Harlem Opera Theater presents selections from The Barber of Seville, Pearl Fishers, La Traviata and Don Giovanni, as well as carols, ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Dec. 06 08:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

Englewinds’ “Bees, Please!”
Classical Sundays

NJ's Eco-Music ensemble performs a concert about the disappearance of honeybees, and tells how we can help. Concert will feature "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakoff, "The Bees" by ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 23 04:00 pm - Music,Classical - Details

New York Andalus Ensemble

Exciting group of instrumentalists and singers from all over the world form the New York Andalus Ensemble. Concert features music from the illustrious traditions of the Iberian Peninsula ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 22 08:00 pm - Music,World - Details

Roost/ Graifuna

Born on the tiny coastal hamlet of Plaplaya on Honduras’ Caribbean coast, Aurelio may be in one of the last generations to grow up steeped in Garifuna tradition encompassing African ...

Puffin Cultural Forum Nov. 14 07:00 pm - Music,World,Folk - Details

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